Protéus is a pioneer in protein engineering technologies, with now 20 years expertise in developing tailored enzymes and scaling-up biocatalytic processes.

Our key expertise: enzymes development and industrial biocatalysis

Proteus offers

  • An exclusive and diversified microorganism collection (including micro-algae and thousands of bacteria and archaebacteria extremophiles strains)
  • 1,000 sequenced strains, combined with data mining tools, offering a unique pool of millions enzymes
  • Patented directed evolution technologies (EvoSightTM & L-ShufflingTM) to optimize enzymes performances
  • A multidisciplinary skilled team dedicated to custom bioprocess development for client’s applications
  • Seqens CDMO capabilities enabling large scale biocatalytic production of chemicals & pharmaceuticals
  • A range of proprietary Bioproducts

What we do


Who is SEQENS ?

Seqens is an integrated global leader in pharmaceutical solutions and specialty ingredients, delivering outstanding performance, unrivalled market responsiveness and custom-made solutions to our customers. Seqens operates 24 industrial plants and 3 R&D centers in Europe, North America and Asia. More than 300 scientists, engineers and experts develop tailor-made solutions for its customers and ensure that products are successfully transferred into production.