Estolides are polyesters obtained from fatty acids.
These fatty acid polyesters produced by enzymatic routes conduct to natural & renewable products, they are biodegradable with no toxicity and are Compatible with eco-labels.

estolides structure

The applicative fields are numerous : Food as viscosity modifier (in example chocolate) or emulsifier, Cosmetic Industry (Skin hydravion, Natural antioxydant, Hair additive, texturizing), Plastic Industrie (Plasticizers), Biolubricants, Coating …

They are generally produced by chemical routes, yielding low purity products which necessitate high temperature and time-consuming processes and costly purification steps.

Proteus has identified and develop lipases which allows an efficient production of estolides from hydroxylated fatty acids.

Theses enzymes are thermostable and work in pure hydroxylated fatty acids , yielding high purity Estolides and low colored products.