FAst Microorganism Detection

The CLEANPIX™ kit has been developed by Proteus to answer the needs of numerous industries to evaluate the cleanliness of their surfaces and also to evaluate the efficiency of their cleaning procedures. It solves many drawbacks of the already known methods such as the necessity of costly equipment and highly skilled personnel. CLEANPIX™ is fast, giving response in a few hours in case of heavy contamination. It detects a wide range of microorganisms, from gram negative to gram positive bacteria to yeasts and molds. The swab is very convenient to collect samples on any surface, even difficult to access, whether it is plane or not. The size of the sampled surface can be adapted to the needs.

Cleanpix make the invisible visible

Advantages & Benefits at a Glance

Fast And Easy to Use

CLEANPIX™ test is used to test surfaces directly without sample processing. CLEANPIX™ test can be used by lightly trained personnel. No specific microbiological training or laboratory equipment is required.

How to use Cleanpix


These convenient test kits can be used in-house and spare the intervention of a specialized microbiology lab, the use of heavy and costly equipment, and time-consuming incubation periods.

Easy to Read

Positive tests develop a bright orange color, identified easily with the naked eye. The earlier the orange color appears, the higher is the biocharge on the tested surface. While not a replacement for standards or normative tests, CLEANPIX™ test informs rapidly the level of contamination.

Qualitative and Sensitive

Samples containing from 100 to 109 cfu/test of pure cultures have been detected in lab assays.

Product data

  • Number of tests: 30
  • Storage: between 2 °C and 6 °C
  • Box dimensions: 280 x 245 x 45 mm
  • Weight: 320 g
  • Recyclable cardboard box
  • Tamper-proof packaging
  • Sales price €: 114€
  • Sales price USD: 135$