Sugar-reduction in food is at the heart of everyone’s concerns. Fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) are a natural sweet-tasting, low-calorie alternative that is widely used in animal feed, infant nutrition and other food ingredients. FOS can be obtained by enzymatic conversion of sucrose.

Proteus by Seqens is proud to present today its new high performance enzyme, specifically developed for this application: Seqenzym®  FT.

4 years of work on our Seqenzym® technology platform have been necessary to obtain optimal performances in terms of yield and conversion cost. The enzyme is equally effective on beet and cane sugar. Rich in GF3 and GF4, the resulting FOS 60 also has the lowest residual fructose and impurities content: an ideal profile for further enrichment into FOS 95.

Seqenzym®  FT is a ready-to-use, liquid form enzyme, that can be applied in industrial sucrose processing, or directly “in situ” to reduce the sugar content of certain foods. Proteus by Seqens is now looking for partners and customers to finalize the industrialization of this new solution. Please contact us for samples and more information.