Enzyme Library

We have developed more than 350 « ready to be screened » enzymes for accelerated screening programs. These enzymes have a wide spectrum of activities under mild conditions, and/or non conventional conditions such as temperature, pH or high salt concentration.

Some of our enzymes families are readily available within our proprietary Seqenzym® kits. Other families such as Laccases, Imine Reductases or Aldolases are available in our collection for testing.

SEQENS Manufacturing Strategy within biocatalysis R&D


Biocatalytic process scale-up and production up to multi-tons

Biocatalytic processes can be upscaled from pilot scale to industrial scale within the facilities of SEQENS group:

  • pilot scale at SEQENS’ Lab
  • 3 ISO sites for production from hundreds kg up to 30 T
  • 4 cGMP sites with 10 years experience in biotransformation

Biotransformation in API manufacturing routes

Complex molecules and particularly pure enantiomers can be synthesized
thanks to biocatalysis at multi-ton scale, with high yield and in
environmentaly friendly conditions.