With an increasing share of complex and chiral small molecules being developed by the Pharmaceutical industry, biocatalysis is developing as a way to shorten synthesis pathways, reduce costs and environmental footprint. In particular, enzymes are used for stereoselective synthesis and result in a better yield of the target product, or are used for chiral resolution.
Protéus services for API synthesis are integrated within SEQENS CDMO offer. We offer a full manufacturing services for API synthesis from early clinical phases to commercial scale, combining biocatalytic processes and « standard » chemical processes in order to offer to our cutomers the most competitive synthesis route.

OUR Services: Biocatalytic process development

For Pharma applications, as strict confidentiality is generally requested by our customers, the only examples we can provide are relative to SEQENS generic APIs production.


R-Baclofen  is a selective GABAB receptor agonist. As such, it is a very important API. It is also under evaluation for treatment of alcohol use disorders. A biocatalytic process for the obtention of the pure R- enantiomer by desymetrization of a simple diester has been developed by Proteus.



D-Serine is the non-natural version of the aminoacid serine. It is used as a building block for the synthesis of several APIs. Its efficacy is proven in the treatment of tuberculosis and epilepsy, and as a neuromodulator in therapies for depression.


Enzyme production ( 15 m3 scale fermentor)

Industrial production (multi-ton scale):

  • High specificity (ee > 99,9%)
  • High productivity (345 g/L)

High performance enzyme ready for shipment

Protéus by Seqens’ team has recently developed and produced a highly efficient enzyme. It is operated for the biocatalytic production of a pharmaceutical intermediate at multi-ton scale, within SEQENS CDMO manufacturing plants.