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Improvement of β-glucosidase for food application

Objective: improve the activity of a β-glucosidase in conditions of low pH and high concentration of sugars (glucose, fructose and sucrose)
Screening conditions: citrate-phosphate buffer pH3,5 with 16 g/L of glucose, 18 g/L of fructose and 11 g/L of sucrose, substrate = 4 nitrophenyl α-D-glucopyranoside

F1 mutant is 3 times more tolerant to the process conditions:


Branching sugars: new fibers with reduced digestibility

Lowering the digestibility of maltodextrins by means of biocatalytic branching at high temperature

  • Select thermophilic strains from the collection
  • Activity assay of culture supernatants at 70°C
  • Resistance to α-amylase and glucoamylase assayed by Thin Layer Chromatography

The strain supernatant lowers the digestibility of the substrate.