Development of a biocatalytic process to methionine


Arkema wanted to develop a process combining a chemical step, a fermentation step and a biocatalytic process for the production of L-methionine, an important amino acid used for animal nutrition.

The enzymatic process enabled to reach 100% selectivity, and was upscaled by Arkema. Arkema’s plant in Malaysia, with a reactor of 400m3, has the potential to produce 160 000 metric tons per year of L-methionine.

Source: InfoChimie, « Proteus joue la carte de la Biocatalyse », october 2018.,95063

Screening of a diversity of enzymes from exclusive sequences collection

Approach: enlarging the initial selection with more diversity


  • Client enzymes as starting point for directed evolution
  • Proteus genome collection screening for desired activity
  • More than 200 sequences identified
  • High sequence diversity compared to the 8 client enzymes
  • Enzymes selection
  • Enzymes evaluation

Results: a more efficient starting enzyme with a higher potential for IP generation


  • Enzymes identified with similar or higher activity than best enzyme initially selected
  • Enzymes identified with low identity with already patented sequences
  • Enzyme from Proteus collection chosen as starting point for directed evolution